Department of Shalakyatantra

Shalakyatantra is an Important Branch of Ayurved dealing with the diseases & Treatment of Netra(Eye), Karna(Ear) , Nasa(Nose) , Mukha(Oral cavity) & Shira(Head). This Branch is given Prime Importance Among the 8 Branches of Ayurved. Again in this Netra Roag Vigyana is Having Utmost Importance Because if Vision is lost A Blind Man though Rich Can not Enjoy The World So it is Explained that “Sarvendriyanam Nayanam Pradhanam.”

This science uses a lots of ‘Shalaka’ which means probe which justifies the name Shalakya tantra.


  • A part of Astang Ayurveda; in which diseases related to parts lying above clavicles i.e. ears, eyes, mouth, nose etc.. Departmental activities includes Diagnosis and treatment of disorders related with Shalakya such as Refraction, Ocular Physiotherapy specially Yoga & eye sight, Live demonstration on patients and audiovisuals and charts.
  • To popularize the treatments of Kriyakalpas like Tarpana Aaschotana, Anjana, Bidalaka Which are Speciality of Netra Roag Treatment & Nasya, Gandush, Dhoompana, Karnapooran, Shirodhara which form the basis of karna, nasa, mukha Roga.


  • To provide affordable model health care to masses of all strata, facilitate state of art teaching, training and research.

Departmental Teaching staff